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Alternate 20th C. Alliances by Muzik-Maniac Alternate 20th C. Alliances by Muzik-Maniac
A regular political map to this one:


United Western Democracies: Formed as a defensive alliance against the Imperial Council. Fears about growing power among the Empires of Europe and any potential re-subjugation of any American nations was a contributing factor to its formation. It also supports the enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine; along with promoting a Republic based Democratic system. Not as numerous as its imperial counterpart, but in hindsight, more cohesive in regards to military action/cooperation.
*Ethiopia became a member out of fear of Annexation from its growing Imperial neighbors.

The Imperial Council of Europe: Formed to help mediate relations between Europe's colonial powers to prevent the outbreak of war. Also to help further Imperial/colonial ambitions of its members politically and Economically. By far the largest force on the globe, although more prone to innternal conflicts in comparison to the U.W.D.
Known allies:
-Gran Colombia (out of souring relations from the U.S. part in Panama's rebelion)
Known associates:
-Chile (More of an observer, but with its parlimentary democratic government, does not whole heartedly agree with the U.W.D.)

-Central European Alliance: Formed as a defensive pact between the German Empire and Austria-Hungary. Mainly due to their unstable relations with the other members of Imperial Europe and the growing threat in the east which is the Russian Empire.
Literally splits europe down the middle.

-Holy League of Islam: A defensive/economic/cultural alliance formed between the major islamic countries of the middle east. fearing western domination. Is actually on relative good terms with the U.W.D. but its relations with the Imperial Council are another story.

-Slavic Imperial Realm: A Cultural/Military alliance between the remaining slavic countries. Originally founded by Russia in hopes of getting a major foothold in central Europe.

-East Asian Cooperation Sphere: Probably the most unstable and volatile pacts during the time period. Primarily forged between Japan and China fearing western interference in asia. Siam entered as a member as well. with the growing Japanese sphere of influence in china though, relations between China and Japan are on the decline; leaving Siam out in the cold.

-Nordic Realm: Basically a defensive pact against russia. On relative good terms with everyone.

*Note: Gray areas Neutral (or in the case of most of the small islands, to many to fill all of them in >.< )

If there are any questions feel free to ask.
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This one's really cool.
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