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Alternate Early 20th Century by Muzik-Maniac Alternate Early 20th Century by Muzik-Maniac
This is my most recent map (i have tons more, I've just been so inactive i haven't even submitted any of them until now).
Well anyway I'm not One to necessarily have the patience to write the whole timeline with its ins and outs, at the moment so I'll deliver the major divergences:
-A successful U.S. Invasion of Canada During the war of 1812
*Resulting in the U.S. Annexation of Canada
*This spawning a more confident U.S. wielding a "larger Definition" of Manifest destiny. [all of North america]
*Mexican American war: Upon the fall of mexico city, the war ends in favor of U.S. forces. The Mexican Government Completely Collapses and so under pretext of maintaining order in central america (in reality abaiding by the ideology of "Greater Manifest Destiny"), Annexes mexico.

-Gran Colombia continued to exist in the form of a federal Republic (Much like Modern day Germany's) at the Convention of Ocaņa a grudgingly accepted compromise (Bolivar accepted the new constitution for fear of Gran Colombia falling apart).

-Austria is more involved in Colonization having laid claims to the Nicobar Islands (which actually manages to survive) and interest in northern Borneo by Austro-Hungary peaks in 1878 subsequently turning it into a moderately profitable colony).

-Violent split of Egypt from the Ottoman Empire (Merges with Sudan to form the Sultanate of Egypt)

-A somewhat Stronger Qing China not as susceptible to outside influence, and put up a stronger resistance during the Opium wars. (lighter Colors in China show Sphere's of influence)

-United Arab kingdom due to the looming ottoman threat to the north

-Finland and Poland are allowed a degree of Autonomy by the Russian empire.

-Note: Sweden Norway are in a personal Union (just like OTL) but i left the border in tact to show this.

-Some areas left Gray for no real change from OTL (and partly because i got lazy)

A Political alliance map can be seen here: [link]

Kind of a note, but I don't really have a date nailed down for this, tried to make it somewhat realistic (even though there are flaws), so I'd say about 1900-1915ish. Oh, and i left some Modern borders alone because i have no idea how Britain/any of the colonial powers with multiple colonies right next to the other drew the divisions. I probably missed a couple of things, so if you have any questions feel free to ask. Oh, and I had no idea what Categories to list this under, so sorry if i listed it wrong. xP
AmongTheSatanic Featured By Owner May 4, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Different War of the Triple Alliance, eh ? Saddening.
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November 14, 2010
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