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Flashback: Europe by Muzik-Maniac Flashback: Europe by Muzik-Maniac
I've seen several people on here do these time traveling maps, so i though I'd give a crack at one. And figure I'd fallow YNot1989's example, and write out a detailed timeline [(With the whole "what would you have with you) as well]. And Yes, before you say anything i realize the GIANT PLOT HOLE, with my whole "Taking over austria and the holy roman Emperor bit"Lets just say Maximilian I just dies of a mysterious illness sometime before i arrive, and Charles V, takes over the Empire earlier. l I'll fix it in the future. Oh, and if you think "TLDR" at least skim lol. Anyway, just as a fore warning, i didn't really check any of the facts i used, but eh, here it goes:

I wake up in a daze, the bright summer sun beating down on me, looking around i find myself in a mysterious forrest, with several of my possessions scattered around me: My iPod, my (now) empty backpack, a world atlas, a couple of history books, some first aid supplies, and some history and engineering books (i can't memorize everything lol). after gathering up my materials, i set about looking for a path out of the forrest; after about an hour and a half of walking, i stumble upon a dirt road. Hearing voices in the distance i quickly hide in some bushes. a couple of people dressed in what i assume to be about late 15th Century clothing walk by, speaking some form of German. i quietly fallow them to the nearest town where i steal some cloths to blend in, and manage to find a map of the area. As it turns out (and from the clues around me) I've ended up just several miles outside of Vienna, and in 1495 A.D.

While Settling down to sleep under the midsummer night sky to analyze my next course of action, i hear yelling and screaming down the road from where I'm sleeping. I rush down the road to find a ransacked carriage. Looking about i find several dead bodies, it looks like it had been an attempted robbery. I hear someone moaning in pain. I look and find a man attempting to stand up, clutching the side of the carriage for his life, who then quickly passes out. Using the first aid supplies available, i manage to stop the bleeding, and from there carry him to the nearest village. Once arriving at the village the villagers greet me with great alarm at the sight of the man, and quickly take him to be treated. As it turns out the man is the local lord, and the next day, after waking up summons me and thanks me for saving his life. Probably in due part to the look of confusion on my face, the man repeats and this time thanks me in English (Lets just assume he's been tutored in it). He offers me a job at his manor a couple miles outside of Vienna, which i quickly accept.

A good year has passed sense my arrival, and I've gained a high position at the manor at which i work. for the first couple of weeks, i worked as a simple civil servant, but after a couple more months, and becoming proficient at German, i quickly rise up the ladder. I introduce new agricultural techniques, as well as machines to help boost production of local materials. I also introduce new civic changes to the local town, such as waste clean up, and the production of household furnaces.

Its been five whole years, and my prestige is well known throughout the duchy, as well as some of the other Imperial realms surrounding. I'm eventually granted my own title for my work in the field of "invention" (technically I'd be the first lol). Most notably that of smokeless powder, and dynamite, as well as my applications of the greek Aeolipile have proved useful, and from small scale experiments, developed steam engines, as well as Steam ships (on small scale though)

Although it is the military applications of these "inventions" That grab the attention of the Austrian Duke, who formally extends an invitation to join his court of ministers/advisers. I accept, and move to Vienna where I'm given the funds, and room to experiment and research my advancements.

A total of 8 years have passed, and in Vienna I've induce a civics revolution. The standard of living within the city is the highest of that in the entire empire. My health policies, and constructions projects soon spread around the entire Duchy. larger buildings begin going up due to my "re-invention' of Concrete, and the use of metal bars to help support the building. Vienna has quickly grown to be a center of European culture, and the envy of many nations. I have gained quite a sway in Holy Roman Politics, and a large following around the duchy. One that could threaten the power of the Duke.

Unfortunately my following has become a little too dangerous to the Duke's Position of Power, and arranges to have me assassinated. When that fails, he has me imprisoned and my execution scheduled. Luckily for me, several of my supporters manage to break into the dungeon, and smuggle me out of Vienna, to one of my allies, Brandenburg along with all my research and blueprints.

From berlin, i spend the next 4 years planning my triumphant return to Austria, all the while quickening the pace of my research. I manage to create a fully functioning Airplane, as well as a model of artillery comparable to that of the TRF1 Howitzer, along with sizable steam cruisers (I don't like to get screwed over). All the wile improving relations with several other dominions within the empire, such as the Swiss confederation, and to be more geographically broad: all of the Upper saxon, Lower Saxon, and upper Rhineish circles.

At long last on April 1st, 1507, after 4 years in exile, me and my army march towards Austria. once at the border, i have several of my supporting factions start riots in all the major Austrian Cities, and in the confusion, march over the countryside towards Vienna, wiping out any opposing forces that cross my path. about 20 kilometers outside the city, i halt my advance, and send a messenger to the Duke; reading that if he wishes to continue this bloodshed, than to at least evacuate Vienna to spare the citizens. In light of this, i spend the next day sending disguised messengers into the city to warn and evacuate the citizens as best they can. On april 3rd, my artillery units begin shelling the cities fortifications, and my army advances, storming Hofburg Palace, and effectively forcing the Duke to abdicate, who is then executed. Austria is mine.

Immediately, i begin by electing myself Priemer, and declare Austria a Republic. I quickly arrange representatives from each major region of Austria, and Draft a constitution setting up basic laws of human rights, such as trial by a jury of your peers, freedom of speech, etc, as well as establishing a Judicial, and Legislative Branch. Although quickly several noble uprisings occur, in light of losing their political power. I quickly put them down.

Unfortunately, my Coup' hasn't gone unnoticed, the pope has threatened interdiction, and the Holy roman Emperor, Charles V, intervention. I am tried for Treason against the empire, luckily for me, due to my connections with various electors, I'm spared, and return to Austria.

16 years to the day its been sense i appeared here in the past, my connections throughout the empire have grown vast, as well as my inventious (yes, i just made up that word) and military might. my connections with the Italian members have grown strong, winning supporters located right at the pope's front door. Also my political skill in the Imperial court has become admirable, managing to convince the venetian republic to Join the Empire, all the while negotiating fair rights for autonomy. My talks with Prussia have even gone well, and can be expected to yield a new member to the empire. My place in power has given me much sway and influence, i preach democratic teachings, and the ideal government type of a Republic. I have gained several converts; some of those being the lands of Brandenburg, and Bohemia, as well as others located outside the empire. Several Polish uprisings have occurred, its rumored a republican government has been set up in Warsaw. This along with a successful rebellion in Brittany has lead to the development of a Breton Republic.

I travel often, usually between Berlin and Vienna. But on occasion to foreign lands to visit dignitaries, and negotiate alliances. I have secured several strong allies, some of those being England Portugal, Fez, and Prussia. Unofficially the Polish Republic Joins these Ranks.

Unfortunately, for all my influence, I'm still only seen as an upstart by those more well established in the court. along with that, I've managed to divide the empire into camps, the Royalists on one side, and the Progressive industrialists/Federalists (or simply Federalists) on the other. Those of us on the federalist's side, have greatly advanced our power, railroads now connect all our lands, and trade has prospered, planes fill the skies, and our ships steam across the oceans at breakneck pace. While some of the royalists have embraced these changes, others refuse to have any part, and so has left the empire completely divided. Hopefully all will remain well, although a storm is coming.

On the 18th year, I'm fearful that war is imminent, many Royalists have called our advancement unnatural, and the pope himself, blasphemous. All the while, there have been several assassination attempts on Federalist members of the Imperial Court. Many claim its the Royalist's Plot to stop advancement. Some even call them attacks on the "Revolution," that of which being the advancement in technology and ideals over the Past 18 years. This has only inflamed Royalist accusations that The federalists are planning to overthrow his Emperor Charles V.

June of the 18th year, it is as i feared, the tension has finally shattered into war, Royalists Galleon on its way to Rome carrying several bishops and Papal representatives was supposedly sunk when it was struck with an artillery shell from a Federalist Cruiser along the Italian Coast. We have tried to reason, but the Royalists will hear non of it, many among us Federalists think it was all set up, but it doesn't matter anymore. We are in a state of war.

And so the Holy Roman Empire descends into Civil war. If you read aaallll that, thank you! If not, eh i don't blame you lol. well anyway, I'm open to comments, questions and suggestions. :)

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Commander-Fillmore Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2012
sweet map
KaitanAtreides Featured By Owner May 26, 2012
Great! I like!
Things like this are so cool!
kazi2000 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Alternate history, right ??? So you could draw pretty much everything you want, regardless of historicl truth and accuracy !
kazi2000 Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
Alternate history, right ??? So you could draw pretty much everything you want, regardless of historicl truth and accuracy !
Muzik-Maniac Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011
Well, alternate history with the idea in mind of what i would do if i was randomly thrown back into the past. ;)
kazi2000 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
i see :)
Thejboy88 Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011
Nice picture.

Love the effort you've put into this history. Interesting to see such a patchwork Germany.
Muzik-Maniac Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2011
Thank you, took me quite a while to think and type it all up. Originally i had all the Major/some Minor Imperial elector states all drawn out, but then i figured it looked to complex, so i simplified it.
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