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Greater Habsburg Empire WIP by Muzik-Maniac Greater Habsburg Empire WIP by Muzik-Maniac
Ok, as said in the title, this is simply a Work in Progress and i still have a lot to work out in this timeline (let alone i still have to type it all up Dx).

NOTICE: If you see the problems with africa for the following time period, please read second to last paragraph at the bottom.

The time is about the early 1870's to the late 1870's. Anyway, here's the major points I'm working on:
-Habsburg Monarchy does not lose its connections with Spain and Italy, and retains control of the Netherlands (A long shot i know).
-So the colonization of much of the world is undertaken by the Habsburg Empire.
-Fearing the Empire ripping apart, a federal system of sorts is put in place giving fair and equal representation of all ethnicities (or a good majority).
-Gran Colombia adjusts to a federal structured government and survives.
-Egypt begins to act out more in their own interests and begin annexing sections of Sudan claiming ownership of the Nile and its surrounding regions.
-A less loyalist Canada Splits from Britain much Like the U.S. during the revolutionary war, and with an "Act of Union" the American Union is formed.
-Luxembourg having aligned itself with the Habsburg's Gains some territory to the north.
-Switzerland has lost some territory in the south.
-Remainder of "Unoccupied" Italy is united into the Kingdom of Italy to prevent further annexation.
-Mexican Empire Loses Del Norte along with Baja California to the American Union, but is able to maintain control over its Southern Provinces.
-Due to the federal structure and equal representation, The Spanish colonies of Peru and Bolivia (I'm to lazy to get really technical with the accurate historical naming at the moment). Remain loyal.
-The Habsburg Empire, wishing for a faster rout towards its south American Territories/Provinces, is currently waging war with the Brazilian Empire over the Província Cisplatina [which would ultimately lead to control over the entirety of Rio De La Plata (sorry if that's the wrong term to use, i don't know what or if there's even a name for the entire river network consisting of all those rivers)].
-Interest in Northern africa Led to Habsburg invasion of and annexation/payment for/of Ottoman Northern Africa.
-Early colonization of Somalia
-The Helvetic Republic is NOT neutral. :0 lol
-The Federal Capital of the Greater Habsburg Empire is Officially Vienna.
-Poland Retains independence from Both Russia and Germany (although its territory is severely reduced)

Now for the Problems I could use some help on:
-I'm trying to decide whether it would be realistic that Grand Colombia would split British Guiana with "Dutch Guiana" (Habsburg Guiana)
-Trying to decide what to do with Bosnia and Herzegovina (whether to keep it under ottoman control, or somehow give it to the Habsburg's prematurely)

And finally the biggest problem of them all, In all honesty i have absolutely no idea what Africa IS supposed to look like during this time period considering a bulk of european colonization has yet to begin, and so am completely lost.... Dx

So, if anyone can help me with these problems or has any input/corrections feel free to say something. xD

UPDATE: The Final Draft can be found here: [link]
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AZA098 Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011
question: who ownes alaska? because there is a borde in de map between alaska and the USA
Muzik-Maniac Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2011
Russia owns Alaska.
33k7 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2011
and love the map!
GiddyAutomaton Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2011
Ooh, me likes. Hapsburg empires are always fun. :) Keep it up!
As far as Africa, Wikimedia has a large database of historical maps. For earlier time period, you might like [link]
Muzik-Maniac Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011
Thank you, the help really well, helped lol
Lead me into a long chain of searches that ended with me able to find exactly what i needed xD
The Updated one is almost done so it should be posted soon.
GiddyAutomaton Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011
Thanks. I'm glad you found what you needed. (Could you show it to me? I'm curious.)
Muzik-Maniac Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2011
Ok, sure, I'll have it uploaded shortly. I'm pretty sure its all squared off now.
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