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The Great War by Muzik-Maniac The Great War by Muzik-Maniac
Ok, I decided to skip ahead a little and document the "Great War" in my Habsburg timeline. I've actually had this one for quite a while, just haven't had the time to finish it until recently. Now if you don't want to read this at least skim lol.

Letter Key:
A. = The Protectorate of Grão-Pará (Republic of Portugal)
B. = The Confederation of Equator (Central Puppet State)
C. = The Juliana Republic (Central Puppet State)
D. = The Riograndense Republic (Central Puppet State)
E. = The Republic of Uruguay (Central Puppet State, legitimate government claimed to be in exile in Argentina)
F. = The Republic of Portugal (Central Puppet State, Government of the Kingdom in exile within the Imperial Federation's Capital of London.)
G. = Portuguese territory of Central South Africa

-April 5th, 1899: Guerilla fighting/civil unrest amongst the Dutch minority within Brazil has reached an all time high. Along with a resurgence of rebellious movements they have taken a toll on Brazil's national stability and defenses.

-April 9th, 1899: Dutch Brazilian Representatives convene in the City of Amsterdam within the Habsburg Netherlands pleading annexation of the claimed Dutch Provinces of New Zeeland, Nord-Oost, and Loncq.

-8:00am, The Habsburg Imperial council calls an emergency session in order to help "solve" the opportunity.

-9:15am, word arrives that several bombings have occured in Recife, killing several Dutch Civilians. Several "Brazilian" extremist groups claim responsibility. Enraged, this only heightens Brazilian-Habsburg Relations.

-April 20th, 1899: Brazilian Intelligence manages to track a suspicious looking cargo ship that has docked in Recife. Brazilian authorities raid the ship to find mounds of arms and ammunition; when questioned the captain and crew claim they knew nothing of the weapons onboard. The ship it turns out is one servicing the Dutch East India Company, and had departed Rotterdam mearly 2 days before. Brazilian Government officials demand an explanation from Habsburg representatives; who counter the accusations calling the unlawful search and seizure of the ship a violation of international law. Riots break out in dutch majority cities along the coast of North Eastern Brazil, in response marshal law is declared. Reports are sketchy, but wide spread violence against Dutch Brazilians was rumored for reparations against damages done due in part to the growing violence from Guerilla warfare, and support of Local rebellions.

*April 25th 1899: In a joint and unanimous declaration, each National Branch of the Greater Habsburg Empire, along with her allies the Czardom of Bulgaria, and the Ottoman Empire, declare a State of War against the Federal Republic of Brazil; Claiming the war is a crusade to defend the civil and human rights of its citizens in Brazil.

*May 26th 1899: The New Dutch Territories of New Zeeland, Nord-Oost, and Loncq are annexed and incorporated into the holdings of the Dutch Habsburgs.

*June 1st, 1899: Over a month has passed and Brazilian forces found themselves at a loss, with the support of the Habsburgs, several Secessionist movements have managed to gain ground and break away, those of which including Uruguay, the Riograndense Republic, Republic of Equator, and Juliana Republic. Crippling much of Brazil's military force and border integrity.

*June 15th, 1899: The Kingdom of Portugal, after having been dead locked in parliament for months over weather to aid Brazil or not, declares war on the Axis (due to the border tensions with spain, and the spanish forces lining the border, threatening Portugal's Territorial integrity). This is quickly followed suit by the Imperial Federation of Great Britain who upholds the British-Portuguese Alliance. Which is soon followed Suit by the Helvetic Republic (in hopes of reclaiming lost territory from the Habsburgs), as well as the kingdom of Italy in response to several violent border incursions from the Southern Italy, and Venice. These Declarations are quickly followed suit by Romania, Serbia, Poland, Montenegro, and the Russian Empire (In support of their Serbian ally).

*June 15th, 1:00pm, 1899: Mass Riots break out across Romanian majority Transylvania, and Southern East Galicia (Austrian Galicia), in response to the declaration of war on Romania. Protesters yelling phrases such as: "Unity with Romania, down with the Habsburgs!!"
-Marshal Law is declared, and the uprising is dealt with severely.

*June 16th, 1899: 1:00Am: Spanish-Habsburg Forces cross the Portuguese Spanish Border and begin their march across the Portuguese Country-Side to Lisbon.

*July 29th, 1899: Portuguese Forces manage to deal several massive blows to the Spanish Army at Coimbra, Porto, and Sintra, but ultimately are unable to stave off the Spanish onslaught, which culminates in the Battle for Lisbon.

*July 30th, 1899: Spanish and Portuguese forces clash in Lisbon, in what will be known as the battle of Lisbon.

-11:00pm: Fearing for their lives, the Carlos I and the rest of the Portuguese Royal family manages to escape to their Close ally, the Imperial Federation of Britain, and set up an Government in Exile in London.

*August 1st, 1899: In order to create a better world perception of the Empire, instead of Annexing Portugal into Spain, a Republican Government is set up (under close watch of the Habsburg Emperor). The new Republic of Portugal Declares the Protectorate of Grão Pará, and all Colonial territories of the Kingdom of Portugal, to be their domain.

*August 2nd, 1899: officially Neutral, The Empire of Japan agrees to sell arms and ammunition to Brazil. To busy trying to subdue the ongoing Boxer Rebellion in China.

*August 3rd, 1899: The U.S.S. Maine is stationed in Havana Harbor by the Union of North American States.

*August 4th: Joint Italian-Habsburg and Ottoman Forces Take Athens Greece, after what will become known as the War for the Mediterranean.

*September 18th, 1899: Willhelm II of the German Empire, and Queen Victoria of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha of the Imperial Federation of Britain (Man that's a mouth full), convene in Neutral France (Paris to be more precise) to discuss the potential for the German Empire to Join the Allied Cause.

*September 20th, 1899: Rome Falls to The Greater Habsburg Empire; The Italian Monarchy Flees to Neutral France.

*September 25th, 1899: The German Empire Declares war on the Greater Empire of the Habsburgs, Ottoman Empire, the Czardom of Bulgaria, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and the Republic of Portugal.

*October 10th, 1899: The U.S.S. Maine explodes in Havana Harbor. Many claim it was a preemptive strike by the Spanish Habsburgs.

*October 15th, 1899: The Union of North American States Declares war against the Centralized Powers, this is followed by the Republic of Ezo, in support of their North American Ally.

*October 17th, 1899: Luxembourg Surrenders to the Ally's in due part to what will become known as the Luxembourg Blitzkrieg.

*February 23rd, 1900: The Federal Republic of Mexico Declares war on the Centralized Powers in response to growing fear of the possibility of "re-colonization."

*March 5th, 1900: Habsburg Supported rebellions in India erupt, severely damaging trade between the British Imperial States/Territories.

*April 11th, 1900: American and Mexican forces Take Havana, Cuba, from the Habsburgs, forcing them to retreat into a suprise occupation of Hati (with the help of Dutch reinforcements from Dutch-Brazil, and Surinam). Hati Joins the Allies.

*April 19th, 1900: Dutch Habsburg forces Invade British Guiana from surinam; Gran Colombia, seeing this as an invasion of their territory, declare war on the Centralized powers and joins the allies, subsequently backing up british forces, and immediately engage Peru-Bolivian forces on their southern border.

*May 5th, 1900: Wishing to make true their claim to the Atacama Desert, Chile declares war on the Centralized Powers, and immediately begins to march its forces north.

*May 9th, 1900: Joint American, Ezo, and German Forces Begin opperation "Pacific Freedom" and land in the Philippines.

*June 1st, 1900: Montenegro Falls to Italian-Habsburg, and Ottoman Forces.

*June 29th, 1900: Serbian forces finally fall at the Battle of Kragujevac. But a Guerilla war continues across the Serbian Countryside, adding mounting casualties and damages to the Habsburgian forces.

*August 13th, 1900: After a massive campaign in the east, Habsburg Forces have reached the Gates of Moscow, But not before subduing Romania in a series of battles all coming together at the siege of Bucharest.

*August 14th, 1900: The Kingdoms of Persia and Saudi Arabia, seeing an opportunity to weaken Ottoman Influence in the Middle East, Declare war on the Centralized Powers.

*October 15th, 1900: Signs of winter have begun to show, and many fear a drawn out battle on the eastern Front during the Russian Winter.

*October 30th, 1900: German and British Forces launch a three front offensive, against the Dutch Habsburgs and Portuguese Republic; an invasion of the Dutch East indies, Dutch Homeland, as well as the Boer Republics, and Portuguese holdings in southern africa.

*November 16th, 1900: Habsburg Forces have managed to Push into Imperial Germany, Taking Bavaria, and Silecia.

*December 2nd, 1900: The Eastern Front is completely locked, with the front bouncing back and forth only a mile at a time.

*January 3rd, 1901: The Australian Front has found itself at a standstill with both sides evenly matched, and unable to gain reinforcements due to the thinly stretched numbers around their corresponding empires.

*March 18th, 1901: Civil unrest and Riots erupt in Southern Mexico, and Northern Gran Colombia in protest to civil rights, wartime policies, civil freedoms, etc, etc.

*march 20th, 1901: Ceylon Falls to British Forces.

*May 30th, 1901: Both Allied, and Centralized Leaders meet in Neutral France in hopes of Persuading the French to join their side of the conflict. What will come of it, who knows?

Man, that took forever to type!!! Dx lol

Ok, so I'm open to suggestions, and comments, if i missed anything (which i can probably guaranty i did) feel free say something, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
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grisador Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2015
Awesome :o
coldblood11 Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2015
Implausible. Austria-Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, and Turkey would never manage to survive a war with Germany, the British Empire, and Russia. Never.

Jumada Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2012
why is germany not a central power?
AmongTheSatanic Featured By Owner May 29, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Will you be making a map of the American Union and its internal states and such ?
Muzik-Maniac Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2011
I've actually been thinking about that, the only problem i'd see is the amount of states I'd think about dealing with, and how to dictate their names and shapes; I'm probably over-thinking it a little, but overall it's a possibility for sure.
Thejboy88 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011
Nice map.

Glad to see you haven't fallen into the same trap alot of other alt history artists make and do an "East vs West" type situation we normally have.

"Here, it's north vs South. Very good, very unique.
Muzik-Maniac Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011
Thank you.

Yah, i figured it would be a nice change of pace if i didn't start WWII in Europe; i was mainly afraid that if i did that I'd be stuck clinging to the potential for a cliché scenario. So i figured I'd work out a logical scenario for it to start elsewhere, so i figured South America sense it's involvement in our TL's first world war wasn't very direct, and after that the pieces just fell into place.

Thank you again x)
AmongTheSatanic Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Absolutely fucking gorgeous, monsieur.
Muzik-Maniac Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2011
Wow, thanks so much! i was afraid i wasn't specific enough with the timeline; it was late at night and i got a little lazy lol
DannyDaniel16 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2011
not bad
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